George Snowden + Nelly Stoddard

2 children
Birth: January 9, 1929 24 22Manchester, Lancashire, England
Death: between January 1929 and March 1929Manchester, Lancashire, England
Baby Laura
Birth: May 29, 1935 30 28Manchester, Lancashire, England
Death: October 22, 1990Cheadle, Cheshire, England
George and Nelly
Birth: October 15, 1904 40 38Manchester, Lancashire, England
Death: September 19, 1966Audenshaw, Cheshire, England
Young George with parents George and Caroline
Birth: July 23, 1864 33 31Manchester, Lancashire, England
Death: between January 1941 and March 1941Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, England
Young George with parents George and Caroline
Birth: between January 1866 and March 1866Manchester, Lancashire, England
Death: between July 1917 and September 1917Prestwich, Lancashire, England
George and Nelly
Birth: November 29, 1906 41 40Prestwich, Lancashire, England
Death: August 26, 1970Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, England
John Thomas Stoddard
Birth: between January 1865 and March 1865 34 34Altrincham, Cheshire, England
Death: between April 1916 and June 1916Prestwich, Lancashire, England
Ada Stoddard (previously Quinn formerly Preston) with daughter Nelly, stepdaughter Lily and friend
Birth: June 22, 1866Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, England
Death: between October 1943 and December 1943Manchester, Lancashire, England

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