The History of the Family of Drury

Probate of Helen Lucy Banks

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Probate of Helen Lucy Banks

Administration granted to Benjamin Drury Gentleman. Effects £16 7s 2d in England

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by: David Drury
Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Benjamin Drury
June 17, 1870150Aston, Warwickshire, England0April 13, 19516980Birmingham, Warwickshire, EnglandDecember 2, 2020 - 11:55:00 a.m.
Helen Lucy Drury
Helen Lucy Banks
between July 1868 and September 1868152Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England0May 31, 19417972Belfast, Co Antrim, IrelandMay 4, 2020 - 8:34:47 a.m.