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1901 England - Census transcript - Crask Overson - Household

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1901 England - Census transcript - Crask Overson - Household 96, Kings Road, Reading St Giles, Reading, Berkshire, England

Name Relation Condition AgeM AgeF Occupation Emp Home Birthplace Infirm
Crask Overson head Mar 58 Coal merchant Grimston, Norfolk
Susannah Overson wife Mar 42 Lynn, Norfolk
Harold Overson son Unm 10 Reading, Berkshire
Matilda Rolfe servant Unm 16 Dom Ruscombe, Berkshire
Last change February 8, 202110:06:35

by: David Drury
Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Susannah Elizabeth Luckly
Susannah Elizabeth Pottle
Susannah Elizabeth Overson
August 27, 1854166Great Massingham, Norfolk, England2February 8, 2021 - 10:06:30 a.m.
Crask Overson
about 1842179Gayton, Norfolk, England1February 8, 2021 - 9:54:06 a.m.
Harold Overson
about 1891130Reading, Berkshire, England0February 8, 2021 - 10:06:30 a.m.