The History of the Family of Drury

Basil BarrellAge: 19111911

Basil Barrell
Given names
Birth about 1911 58 37
Census April 2, 1911
Address: 47 Cecil Road
Death between April 1911 and June 1911
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Marriage: between April 1908 and June 1908Wandsworth, London, England
5 months
elder sister
Kathleen Vera Barrell
Birth: September 6, 1908 56 34Rochester, Kent, England
Death: between April 1999 and June 1999Colchester, Essex, England
3 years
Basil Barrell
Birth: about 1911 58 37Rochester, Kent, England
Death: between April 1911 and June 1911Medway, Kent, England
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Marriage: between April 1882 and June 1882Islington, London, England
14 months
Albert George Barrell
Birth: May 25, 1883 31 24Islington, London, England
Death: between January 1939 and March 1939St Pancras, London, England
16 months
Ethel Gertrude Barrell
Birth: between July 1884 and September 1884 32 25Islington, London, England
Death: between October 1963 and December 1963Kensington, London, England
3 years
4 years
Douglas Arthur Barrell
Birth: July 24, 1890 38 31Dover, Kent, England
Death: between July 1960 and September 1960St Pancras, London, England
20 months
16 months
14 months
Jessie Barrell
Birth: June 12, 1894 42 35Rochester, Kent, England
Death: between October 1976 and December 1976Exeter, Devon, England
2 years
3 years
Harold Percy Barrell
Birth: between July 1899 and September 1899 47 40Rochester, Kent, England
Death: between January 1905 and March 1905Tavistock, Devon, England
18 months
Stanley Frederick Barrell
Birth: 1900 47 40Rochester, Kent, England
Death: between April 1904 and June 1904Tavistock, Devon, England
5 years
Alfred Barrell
Birth: August 14, 1904 52 45Princetown, Devon, England
Death: between January 1995 and March 1995Colchester, Essex, England

  1. Generation 1
    1. Basil Barrell, son of Adolphus Barrell and Ellen Munson, was born about 1911 in Rochester, Kent, England and died between April 1911 and June 1911 in Medway, Kent, England.


1911 England - Census transcript - Adolphus Barrell - Household Piece: 3890 47 Cecil Road Rochester, Rochester St Margaret, Kent, England

Name Relation AgeM AgeF Condition YrM ChA ChL ChD Occupation Ind Emp Home Birthplace Nat Infirm
Adolphus Barrell head 59 Mar Warder Borstal institution Langham, Essex
Ellen Barrell wife 39 Mar 2 2 2 0 Langham, Essex
Jesse Barrell daughter 16 Unm Domestic general servant Rochester, Kent
Amelia Barrell daughter 14 Unm School Rochester, Kent
Alfred Barrell son 6 Princetown, Devon
Kathleen Barrell daughter 2 Rochester, Kent
Basil Barrell son 0 Rochester, Kent