The History of the Family of Drury

Florence Annie CollinsAge: 27 years18701897

Florence Annie Collins
Given names
Florence Annie
Married name
Florence Annie Drury
Birth between January 1870 and March 1870
MarriageMaurice Septimus DruryView this family
between July 1894 and September 1894 (Age 24 years)
Death July 3, 1897 (Age 27 years)
Address: 33 Filey St
Probate November 10, 1904 (7 years after death)
Family with Maurice Septimus Drury - View this family
Florence Annie Collins
Birth: between January 1870 and March 1870The City of York, Yorkshire, England
Death: July 3, 1897Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Marriage: between July 1894 and September 1894The City of York, Yorkshire, England
Maurice Septimus Drury + Ursula May Kinnear Stanswood - View this family
husband’s wife
Ursula May Kinnear Stanswood
Birth: between April 1878 and June 1878West Derby, Lancashire, England
Death: between October 1916 and December 1916Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Marriage: between April 1902 and June 1902West Derby, Lancashire, England
23 months
Denis Stanswood Drury
Birth: February 27, 1904 38 25Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Death: April 4, 1960Sheffield, Yorkshire, England


Probate of Florence Annie Drury

granted to Maurice Septimus Drury commercial-traveller effects £2 7s