The History of the Family of Drury

Jane BrownAge: 84 years18091893

Jane Brown
Given names

Jane Drury

Jane Drury
married name
Given names
Birth 1809
MarriageBenjamin George DruryView this family
April 28, 1830 (Age 21 years)
Address: St Martin
Baptism of a daughterEliza Jane Drury
August 20, 1830 (Age 21 years)
Baptism of a sonGeorge William Brown Drury
December 3, 1831 (Age 22 years)
Baptism of a daughterLucy Drury
March 5, 1833 (Age 24 years)
Baptism of a sonRobert Henry Drury
November 27, 1834 (Age 25 years)
Birth of a daughter
Anne Elizabeth Drury
1836 (Age 27 years)
Baptism of a daughterAnne Elizabeth Drury
April 25, 1836 (Age 27 years)
Census June 6, 1841 (Age 32 years)
Address: Stone Street
Birth of a son
Benjamin Drury
between January 1842 and March 1842 (Age 33 years)
Census March 30, 1851 (Age 42 years)
Address: Cross Street
Marriage of a childRobert EvansAnne Elizabeth DruryView this family
between April 1859 and June 1859 (Age 50 years)
Census April 7, 1861 (Age 52 years)
Address: 10, Queen Street
Marriage of a childGeorge William Brown DruryMary Ann BrownView this family
May 4, 1861 (Age 52 years)
Address: St Mary
Marriage of a childAlfred DunkleyEliza Jane DruryView this family
between April 1862 and June 1862 (Age 53 years)
Marriage of a childBenjamin DruryHannah Howes WhileView this family
between April 1864 and June 1864 (Age 55 years)
Marriage of a childHenry George “Harry” WilliamsAnne Elizabeth DruryView this family
December 26, 1870 (Age 61 years)
Address: St Peter
Census April 2, 1871 (Age 62 years)
Address: Queen Street
Marriage of a childJames Cranmer GellLucy DruryView this family
March 10, 1877 (Age 68 years)
Address: St Philip
Census April 3, 1881 (Age 72 years)
Address: 126 Moseley Rd
Death of a husbandBenjamin George Drury
between April 1886 and June 1886 (Age 77 years)
Death of a daughterEliza Jane Drury
between January 1887 and March 1887 (Age 78 years)
Death of a sonBenjamin Drury
between April 1889 and June 1889 (Age 80 years)
Census April 5, 1891 (Age 82 years)
Address: Gladstone Road, Bordesley
Death December 18, 1893 (Age 84 years)
Address: 394 Moseley Rd
Probate January 24, 1894 (37 days after death)
Shared note: Probate of Jane Drury
Family with Benjamin George Drury - View this family
Marriage: April 28, 1830Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
4 months
Eliza Jane Drury
Baptism: August 20, 1830 35 21Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England
Death: between January 1887 and March 1887The City of York, Yorkshire, England
15 months
George William Brown Drury
Baptism: December 3, 1831 36 22Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Death: between October 1901 and December 1901Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
15 months
Lucy Drury
Baptism: March 5, 1833 37 24Sedgley, Staffordshire, England
Death: April 12, 1907Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
21 months
2 years
6 years


1841 England - Census transcript - Benjamin Drury - Household Stone Street, Dudley, Worcestershire & Staffordshire, England

Name AgeM AgeF Occupation BiC SIF
Benjamin Drury 40 Publican n
Jane Drury 35 n
Eliza Drury 10 y
Lucy Drury 7 n
Robert Drury 6 n
Anne Elizabeth Drury 5 n
Louisa Hazeldene 28 Governess y
Ann Child 20 ?? n
Mary Harris 20 ?? n

1851 England - Census transcript - Benjamin George Drury - Household Cross Street, Dudley, Worcestershire & Staffordshire, England

Name Relation Condition AgeM AgeF Occupation Birthplace Infirm
Benjamin G Drury head Mar 56 Draper Aston , Gloucestershire
Jane Drury wife Mar 49 Domestic duties Summerhill, Staffordshire
Lucy Drury daughter Unm 18 Domestic duties Sedgley, Staffordshire
R H Drury son Unm 16 Mechanic Sedgley, Staffordshire
E A Drury daughter Unm 15 Domestic duties Sedgley, Staffordshire
Benjamin Drury son Unm 9 Scholar Dudley, Worcestershire

1861 England - Census transcript - Robert Evans - Household 10, Queen Street, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England

Name Relation Condition AgeM AgeF Occupation Birthplace Infirm
Robert Evans head Mar 27 Master fancy draper wales
Anne Elizabeth Evans wife Mar 25 Sedgley, Staffordshire
Ada Evans daughter 1 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Robert Evans son 0 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Jane Drewry mother in law Mar 59 Sedgley, Staffordshire
Eliza J Drewry sister in law Unm 30 Assistant draper Kidderminster, Worcestershire
Louisa Gough servant Unm 24 domestic servant Walterstone, Norfolk

1871 England - Census transcript - Henry George ‘Harry’ Williams - Household Queen Street, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England

Name Relation Condition AgeM AgeF Occupation Birthplace Infirm
Harry Geo Williams head Mar 27 Draper and hosiery master employing two female assys Holsworthy, Devon
Annie E Williams wife Mar 35 Drapers wife Sedgley, Staffordshire
Ada A Evans daughter 11 Scholar Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Robert Fred Evans son 10 Scholar Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Constance J Evans daughter 8 Scholar Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Beatrice L Evans daughter 7 Scholar Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Mary Eliz Evans daughter 6 Scholar Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Jane Drury mother in law 69 Retired maltsters wife Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Mary Heath servant 25 Drapers asst Birmingham, Warwickshire
Catherine R Lane servant 21 Drapers asst Sedgley, Staffordshire
Jessie Aske servant 18 Governess Wolverhampton, Staffordshire

1881 England - Census transcript - Harry Williams - Household 126 Moseley Rd, Aston, Warwickshire, England

Name Relation Condition AgeM AgeF Occupation Birthplace Infirm
Harry G Williams Head Mar 38 Commercial Traveller, Drapery Cornwall, Helston
Anne E Williams Spouse Mar 45 Staffordshire, Sedgley
Ada Evans Daughter Unm 21 Staffordshire, Wolverhampton
Constance Evans Daughter Unm 18 Staffordshire, Wolverhampton
Beatrice J Evans Daughter Unm 17 Staffordshire, Wolverhampton
Mary E Evans Daughter Unm 16 Scholar Staffordshire, Wolverhampton
Gertrude Williams Daughter Unm 8 Scholar Staffordshire, Wolverhampton
Edith Williams Daughter Unm 6 Scholar Staffordshire, Wolverhampton
Charles B Williams Son Unm 4 Scholar Staffordshire, Wolverhampton
Benjamin Drury Father-in-Law Mar 86 Retired maltster Gloucester
Jane Drury Mother-in-Law Unm 74 Staffordshire
Charles F Bourn Visitor Unm 23 Commercial traveller Lincolnshire, Boston
Mary J Dickie Servant Unm 21 Domestic servant Scotland

1891 England - Census transcript - Anne Elizabeth Williams - Household Gladstone Road, Bordesley, Aston, Warwickshire, England

Name Relation Condition AgeM AgeF Occupation Empl Empd OAC Birthplace Infirm
Anne Elizabeth Williams head Mar 54 Living on own means Sedgley, Staffordshire
Ada Annie Williams daughter Unm 31 Governess x Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Gertrude Williams daughter Unm 18 Drapers assistant x Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Edith Jessie Williams daughter Unm 17 Telephone operator x Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Charles Bernard Williams son Unm 15 Iron founders clerk x Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Jane Drury mother Wid 90 Living on own means Kingswinsford, Worcestershire

Probate of Jane Drury

Administration to Anne Williams (wife of Harry George Williams) Effects £46