The History of the Family of Drury

William Muchmore + Harriett Stevens

15 children
Annie Maud Muchmore
Birth: December 23, 1882 25 19Mayfair, London, England
Death: between October 1972 and December 1972Wandsworth, London, England
May Muchmore
Birth: between January 1894 and March 1894 37 31Wandsworth, London, England
Death: between January 1894 and March 1894Wandsworth, London, England
Walter Muchmore
Birth: between July 1895 and September 1895 38 32Wandsworth, London, England
Mabel Muchmore
Birth: between January 1900 and March 1900 43 37Wandsworth, London, England
Edith Muchmore
Birth: between July 1901 and September 1901 44 38Wandsworth, London, England
Death: between October 1901 and December 1901Wandsworth, London, England
Edith May Muchmore
Birth: between October 1902 and December 1902 45 39Wandsworth, London, England
Death: between April 1903 and June 1903Wandsworth, London, England

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Marriage June 14, 1880
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by: David Drury